Tour2Cuba invites You to come to Cuba but, before all, we listen carefully to know what You have in mind. We are not a conventional travel agency. Through our pages we propose the more requested tours and excursions, but our main goal is to collaborate directly with You to design your own trip. We know the country and its particularities enough to offer sincerely our experience to help You enjoy our beautiful island in a safe and amusing way, making possible a trip designed according to your interests and personal preferences. Tour2Cuba will be proud and glad to let You know about our culture, history, and to be close enough to get to know our hospitable and nice people. Contact us and get an excellent price for traveling in group with your friends / family!

Tour2Cuba offers lodging, but You will notice that the number of houses in our web is not extensive, because we don't promote lodging massively. In our pages there is space only for those houses that have been previously verified by us and enjoyed by our clients. We have chosen and published them for you because of the excellent facilities, the fresh and delicious recipes the staff prepares, and because their owners are professional people with proven dedication to their guests and very high human quality.

Tour2Cuba exhibits in this section, proudly, representative samples of the charms of our tropical island. The above-mentioned has been possible due to the extensive number of pictures taken, during our trips, for us and our dear clients who, kindly, have left us copies. We hope that, after a cyber-trip in our site, You will want to come and visit our beautiful island, where, else, You will find interesting places, cultured and hospitable people, centuries of history and the nonpareil beauty of the landscapes, valuable legacy of mother nature.

Travel in group and save!
5 Days from $272 Tour to: Habana - Valle Ingenios - Ancón - TrinidadHabana - Valle Ingenios - Ancón - Trinidad

6 Days from $370Tour to: Habana - Viñales - CienfuegosHabana - Viñales - Cienfuegos

6 Days from $370Tour to: Habana - Remedios - Morón - La Redonda - Jardines del Rey - Santa ClaraHabana -Remedios -Morón -La Redonda -Jardines del Rey -Santa Clara
8 Days from $506Tour to: Habana - Santa Clara - Remedios - Cayo Santa María - Finca ParaísoHabana - Santa Clara - Remedios - Cayo Santa María - Finca Paraíso
8 Days from $513Tour to: Habana - Viñales - Cienfuegos - Parque Natural El Nicho - GuamáHabana - Viñales - Cienfuegos - Parque Natural El Nicho - Guamá