Tropicana Cabaret
Tropicana Cabaret

"A paradise under the stars"

Inaugurated on December 30, 1939, on a six-acre Havana estate called Villa Mina, the club that would become known as the Tropicana steadily evolved into a sprawling entertainment complex that included a casino, several acres of lush gardens and, after 1950, its now-famous outdoor performance space – the Acros of Crystal. With its sweeping concrete arches and glass walls soaring over a covered stage, the Tropicana remains a world famous cabaret to this day.

Nat King Cole, Marlene Dietrich, Xavier Cugat and Carmen Miranda all headlined at the Tropicana while famous visitors included Jimmy Durante, Marlon Brando, Ernest Hemingway, Harry Belafonte and notorious Chicago gangster Al Capone.

It is a colourful spectacle of excellent cuban artists dancing african, cuban and caribbean rhythms.

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