Excursion: From The Keys to Santiago
Excursion: From The Keys to Santiago


8 days / 7 nights.

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Day 1: Departure 7:30 to Remedios. City tour: José Martí Central Park and its colonial environment. Visits to the Major Parochial Church and the Parranda Museum. Continue to Moron. Night activities according to local programming.

Day 2: Departure to La Redonda for an amusing and interesting 45 minutes boat trip. You will learn about the flora and fauna in the Cuban Mangrove Ecosystem. Continue to Jardines del Rey to enjoy a relaxed afternoon in the beautiful Pilar Beach, Cayo Guillermo. Return to Moron. Free night.

Day 3: Departure to Bayamo. Lunch in transit, in Camagüey. Arrival to our destination and Tour "Bayamo in a carriage". Free night.

Day 4: Departure to El Cobre sanctuary, the most sacred pilgrimage site in the island, home of Cuba's patron saint: La Virgen de la Caridad del Cobre. Continue to Santiago de Cuba. Panoramic view of the city with stops in the Revolution Square and Old Moncada Police Station (nowadays museum and school city). Arrival to the lodging place. Night activities according to local programming.

Day 5: Tour of the historical center of Santiago de Cuba. Walk across the main streets with stops in the most important squares and relevant places. Heredia street, Cespedes Park and its environment. Padre Pico famous street, La Alameda. Returning by Enramada street. Short break. Departure to San Pedro de la Roca Castle, Morro of Santiago de Cuba. Cannon Shot Ceremony. Return to the city. Actividad nocturna según programación local.

Day 6: Departure to La Gran Piedra. Trail of 452 steps to the summit (1234 meters above sea level) to enjoy an impressive and beautiful landscape. Another trail, this time among the mountains, of approximately 2Km to the Museum La Isabelica Coffee plantation. Descent in the car, lunch. Visit to the Museum of Terrestrial Transport and Baconao Park. Return to the city. Night activities according to local programming.

Day 7: Departure to Camagüey. Visit to the Historical Center. Tour of the main squares, little squares and churches of the labyrinth city of Cuba. Night activities according to local programming.

Day 8: Departure to Santa Clara. Visit to the Monumental Complex and Memorials to Che Guevara. City tour. Vidal Park. Boulevard. Visit to the Museum of the Shielded Train. Continue to Havana. End of services.

In our modality ADG Excursions the prices include the Auto (acclimatized), the Driver and Guide. Meaning that You'll never have to be worried for the driver and guide expenses, nor the fuel or parking payments.

Although the lodging and meals of our clients are not included in the price, we'll reserve the lodging with the due advance. Also, on request, we will reserve the restaurants of your preference. The payment for these services will be made by the own client directly to the staff of the places where they use/receive the services.

The payment for the Auto-Driver-Guide service will be delivered to the tour guide at the beginning of the trip.

The prices per person are:

In a 5 person capacity auto:
Traveling 2 people: 920 CUC
Traveling 3 people: 615 CUC
Traveling 4 people: 460 CUC

In an 8 person capacity auto:
Traveling 5 people: 568 CUC
Traveling 6 people: 475 CUC
Traveling 7 people: 405 CUC

In a 12 person capacity auto:
Traveling 8 people: 460 CUC
Traveling 9 people: 410 CUC
Traveling 10 people: 370 CUC
Traveling 11 people: 335 CUC

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