Cabo San Antonio - 11 photos

Cabo San Antonio is the western point of Cuban archipelago. The flashes of Roncali lighthouse can be seen from the sea near Yucatan area. It was built by Spaniards on the coastal reef to guide the ships which transported the richness of the "New World". This lighthouse, mute witness of shipwrecks, corsairs and pirates in the Caribbean Sea, guides every night the ships sailing in Cuban waters and guarantees a nice trip to the ones who sail near the dangerous reefs.

The distance between this point and Yucatan peninsula, Mexico, is 202Km. This geographic accident ends in sand barrier. To the northwest You can find Playa de Las Tumbas (the beach of the graves) which is 4 Km long and considered the most beautiful of all the Guanacahabibes Peninsula. This is a practically virgin nature area, paradise for diving because of its crystal clear waters and natural dive pools.

This is the point from where the first meteorological variables, which are going to influence the western zone, are registered.