Guamá - 5 photos

Ancient Cuban history and traditions are melted in this place. One of the most visited attractions is the natural scale aborigine village which shows the daily life of the tainos tribe. Is an sculptural complex of 25 pieces called "Batey aborigen" made by the excellent sculptress Rita Longa.

The legend tells that in XVI century, when the Spaniard conquerors were arriving to conquer the place, the aborigines threw away all their gold to the river, that's the origin of the lake's name. If it was not for this reason, it will respond to the same name thanks to the ecological and landscape beauty and richness. It is the biggest sweet water lake in Cuba (16km). One can admire the lacustrine vegetation during the boat trips, sailing to the aborigines village.

There is an adjacent park with a variety of terrestrial and aquatic animals, and else you will be able to visit the crocodile hatchery.

Very close to Guama is the Playa Giron museum, dedicated to the famous battle with the north american mercenaries who invaded the country on April 17th to 19th, 1961. This museum evidences of all that happened and the absolute victory of Cuban people in only 65 hours. It was the first defeat of Yankee imperialism in America.

Due to the historical values that this memorial treasures, the National Commission of Monuments declared it as National Monument in 1978.