Trinidad - 38 photos

Declared World Patrimony by UNESCO, next to Valle de los Ingenios, in Trinidad it seems that the time stopped in the first half of the XIX century. The cobble stones streets, the wooden balustrades in the big windows, the roomy houses with vestibules, the run balconies, the carriages and the people, affable and simple in the gestures, are the most characteristic features in this old Cuban village, founded by the Spanish conquerors; departure place of Hernán Cortés to the conquest of Mexico, in 1518.

Any journey should begin with the Major Square, surrounded of buildings which maintain the same splendor of the past and a well conserved sample of the Creole Baroque, to continue then toward the Real of the Jigüe square, where the first Catholic mass was officiated; the tavern La Canchánchara is also a point of forced reference.

Best views of the city: from the lookout point in Cantero Palace and the one in the Museum of the Fight Against Bandits.