Baracoa - 42 photos

In the eastern part of the island, Diego Velazquez, the conqueror, founded in 1511 the first village of Cuba and baptized it as "Nuestra Señora de la Asunción de Baracoa". It was our first capital city and bishopric.

It´s not in the route to other places, that´s why You have to do an exclusive trip to discover Baracoa among big mountains, but at sea level. The place has a unique exuberance, the beauty of a town surrounded by rivers, beaches, mountains, vegetation and very affable residents.

It treasures "La Cruz de Parra" one of the 29 Christopher Colombus planted in America as sign of his conquests. Else, you can drive across "La Farola Viaduct", one of the marvels of Cuban Architecture.. You´ll find also "the three lies".. once in the place You will discover them!

The gastronomy in Baracoa is peculiar, with autochthonous dishes as "El Bacán" prepared with green banana, the "Ajiaco" and the local custom of cooking the seafood with coconut oil. Else they prepare sweet recipes like the "Cucurucho" with pineaple and coconut and the famous chocolate, prepared with the cacao fruits of the area.

Baracoa´s beaches and river waters are crystal clear. You can practice aquatic sports, fishing, diving, photography and enjoy amusing local tours. Else, go to natural parks (like Alejandro de Humboldt park), 56 archaeological sites and witness its high quantity of endemic flora and fauna species.

To actually enjoy this privileged place we recommend stays of, at least, four days. Resuming with no exaggeration: Baracoa is the Cuban paradise.