Useful advices

 Though tap water is drinkable, our advise is to drink always bottled water to avoid tropical illnesses.

  The clothes should be light, mainly in the summer. You should wear cotton fabrics, flannels, shorts, and open shoes, sandals or tennis. For the winter a slight jacket or a fine wool sweter should be enough, mainly for the nights. The shoes shoud be comfortable. Don't forget the bathing suits, sun protection and sun glasses.

 Cuba is a safe country, the crime rate is low, however, You should be careful to avoid the common thieves who can try to steal personal objects, as the wallet, photographic cameras, videocameras, suitcases, purses, etc.

For your tranquility, there are policemen in the streets taking care of the security. They are young men always willing to help, but the majority of them don't speak foreign languages.

Advises on this topic:

    When You go for a walk, take only the money you'll need.

    Don't leave disregarded your personal objects and shopping bags.

    In crowded places don't neglect the wallet and documents, put them in your front pockets or bag.

    Before traveling, make a photocopy of the main page of your passport. Once in Cuba, if you´re going to walk around the city, leave your documents in the lodging place and take with You the photocopy. You will avoid this way the loss of your documents and time at the immigration offices.

    Stay away from the improvised "tourist guides" in the streets, they are not professional, many of them ignore the history and the cuban culture, they only behave kind to deceive and to cheat the tourists.

    Keep your jewels and valuable objects in a safe place. Do not use if You are planning to walk... is always better to avoid...

You should not take urban transportation, it is always crowded and unreliable. You should take taxis or tourist buses instead (Havana Bus Tour, Varadero Bus Tour, etc), or walk when the distance is short.

If You rent a car, avoid traveling in the night. If its mandatory then be careful with losen animals, people in bikes with no lights, etc. Moderate the speed, the roads are not in the conditions You may be accustomed in your country.

Park the car always in iluminated places or those guarded by people that officially take care of cars in parking spaces. Do not leave valuable objects on it.

You are liable for traffic penalties, failure to pay would mean incurring a debt with the State.

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