Terms and Conditions

When you book with TOUR2CUBA you agree to the TERMS AND CONDITIONS stated on these pages. You should read and agree before booking your holiday. Once a reservation has been made, the following terms and conditions will go into effect.

Payment for your reservation should be made within the first and second night of your arrival. If arrival confirmation is not received within the specified period, TOUR2CUBA reserves the right to cancel your reservation.

TOUR2CUBA does not take responsibility for baggage losses that are not directly attributable to its staff, neither to health problems, unforeseen circumstances that travelers may incur.

In case of cancellations, please, notify immediately.
TOUR2CUBA reserves the right to resell the cancelled lodgings.

TOUR2CUBA won't pay compensations for changes made because of war or threat of war, riots, civil disturbances, terrorist activity, industrial disputes, natural and nuclear disasters, fire, epidemics or health risks, technical problems with transport including mechanical and weather reasons, government action, closed or congested airports, and similar events beyond our control.

All rates are in Cuban convertible Pesos (CUC) unless otherwise stated. TOUR2CUBA reserves the right to change published prices without notice. In the event that TOUR2CUBA decreases pricing, the revised rates will be valid on new bookings only. Previously reduced rates may increase without notice, and will be valid on new bookings only.


It is the traveler's responsibility to obtain, at his/her own expense, all documentation required by the relevant authorities. Customs, airlines and immigration officials may deny a traveler's entry in or exit from their country for any circumstances. TOUR2CUBA cannot be held responsible.

All information and pictures contained in our site have been checked for accuracy. However, since these are descriptive only, TOUR2CUBA cannot be held responsible for any unforeseen changes.

TOUR2CUBA cannot be held liable for any claims, losses, damages, costs, expenses, delays or loss of enjoyment, of any nature or kind whatsoever, to the traveler and/or traveling companions or group members, resulting from events beyond TOUR2CUBA's or a supplier's control, including but not limited to natural disasters, strikes, lockouts or other labor disputes or disruptions, wars, blockades, insurrections, riots, earthquakes, weather conditions, floods, or acts or restraints imposed by government authorities.

TOUR2CUBA is not responsible for any unused portions of your trip or tour services.

A disabled traveler must provide a doctor's certificate authorizing ability to travel. TOUR2CUBA is not responsible for the provision of any special requirements by persons who are either physically or mentally disabled. Most of the Casas Particulares are not equipped to handle disabled passengers, as a result, travel to these properties will be at the traveler's own risk.

The traveler agrees to adhere to the rules and laws of the country he/she is visiting. Should the traveler conduct him/herself in a manner threatening to the supplier and/or other passenger(s), the supplier has the right to refuse service or expel him/her from the Casa Particular. In this event, the traveler is responsible for all costs and no refund will be issued for any unused portions.

Standards of living vary greatly from country to country. Be advised that living conditions may be different in respect to provision of utilities, services, food and accommodation outside of your country.

TOUR2CUBA does not transmit to unrelated third parties the personal information you submit on this site when making reservations. However, you must agree that TOUR2CUBA may share your personal information with service providers that are directly related to your reservations requests. You must also agree that TOUR2CUBA may from time to time contact you by e-mail for purposes related to your reservations, use of this site and related matters, unless you specifically decline such contact through an appropriate e-mail message.

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