Remedios, birthplace of the Parrandas - 27 photos

San Juan de los Remedios is one of the oldest villages in Cuba, the eighth. Founded in 1515. Land with a "Parranda" tradition from 1820. It is a competition of the neighborhoods Carmen's Virgin and San Salvador which takes place every December 24th waiting for Christmas day.

Remedios is the only town in Cuba with two Catholic churches in the same square. The history explaining why they coexist is beautiful and interesting.

The Major Parochial Church, founded in 1545 and remodeled in 1680, conserves its valuable roofs, original of the XVII century, of Mudejar style handmade with Cuban cedar. It also contains an sculpture of the immaculate conception, created in Seville in the XVIII century. It is the Virgin's only representation during her pregnancy process. Only this and other identical exist in the world. The other one is in Mexico.

It is the only church that conserves the Cuban Baroque style. The Major Altar is an entire work of art, was carved in cedar and laminated in gold of 22 karats with the "bread of gold" technique (very fine pieces of the valuable metal embedded in the wood).

Remedios is the birthplace of many illustrious artists. The judge-musician Alejandro García Caturla, one of the most eminent musicians of all the times in the country, was born in this small city. His story is short and tragic, in absolut contrast with his fruitful and excellent musical works.